7 Common Uses For A Portable Generator

7 Common Uses For A Portable Generator

Most first time shoppers tend to ask: “What is the purpose of a generator?” Think of a portable generator as a backup electrical system. Our main electric system is connected by wires but can be prone to electrical outages often.

With portable generators, you’ll have a reserve of electricity nearby; making it easier to continue using your appliances as if nothing happened. Even if you don’t know how is a generator used, they are invaluable assets to your household.

Trimmer Connected On Portable Generator

They can restore power to your appliances, help keep your lights, and help your fan keep you cool during hot weather. So, we’ll show you the most common portable generator uses so that you and your family can utilize it during an emergency.

Natural Disaster

There are some scenarios where the electricity of your home will be shut down. To make matters worse, the power could be out for a few days, which prevents you from completing basic operations in your home. Because of this, you should get a portable generator.

Natural disasters are the first thing that’s on everyone’s mind when thinking about purchasing a portable generator. Portable generators are used in hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes, tornadoes, and other disasters that are found in every area of the country.

When it comes to natural disasters, it can take days for relief to arrive. Until then, having a portable generator allows for your home to be taken care of and independent until help arrives or until the power comes back on.

Outdoor Events

Portable generators aren’t used for just emergencies. In fact, a myriad of venues and people use generators to power outdoor and recreational events. When outdoors, electrical outlets aren’t always available, so when having outdoor events such as family reunions, festivals, barbeques, or campsites off the grid, portable generators can be useful.

Use portable generators to plug in speakers for music, power the fans to keep the environment cool, or power up lights to keep the tents illuminated at night. Having fun is essentially an important reason to have a portable generator. And the great thing is, once you’ve invested in a portable generator, you can always have it if something goes wrong.


People who live in urban an suburban areas tend to miss out on the benefits of a portable electric generator. For instance, they are highly useful and popular for emergency farm use. During storms that can reduce the power, having a portable generator can save you time and money.

Using Portable Generator For Farming

In Ontario, a winter storm in 1998 had affected the lives of farmers within the area. They noticed that the farmers that had portable generators fared better than their neighbors. And over a thousand orders have worked in as farmers realized they needed electrical equipment to feed livestock, keep food and fresh, add lighting to their homes, and control food production.


Small businesses can benefit from having a portable electric generator in their location. For example, businesses that provide Internet-based service on their websites or give their clients access to online reports and information will be seriously affected by a lack of electrical power.

Businesses such as restaurants, rural markets, butcher shops, and any other store that relies on refrigeration, can lose their inventories due to mid to long-term power outages.

Working During The Evening

Portable generators are great tools for the midnight worker. Worksheds, workshops, music and art studios, and more can use the generators as their own source of light to help keep your crafting, construction, or music creation last for longer hours.

You can add power to your power tools and instruments, or when your family turns off the lights, you can power the generator and continue to work.

For Camping Trips

Whether you’re on an RV or a camping trip, using your portable generator allows you to take your modern conveniences with you. Some camping sites allow you to use portable generators to power the radio, lights, television and run portable mini-freezers.

Alternatively, you can go to trips with the power that is there, but that will leave you and your companions in the dark once the flashlight is off or the power is off. Thus, you should think about getting a portable generator to have a stable source of power when out on your camping trips.

Work Site Contractors

Contractors who are paid to work on construction sites will need a portable power source to utilize their tools. For instance, painters that use spray gun systems, or roofers who use nail guns that are fueled by compressed air, are a few types of trade workers that could use a portable generator to their benefit.

Using Portable Generator On Work Site

Construction sites without power or worksites where power isn’t readily available use portable generators to help workers complete their project. Some portable generators can create a 240-volt work power site, while the average work site has a 12-volt connector.

If a higher voltage is needed to use a powerful construction tool, then having a generator with the additional capacity is necessary.

Power Output And Generator Size

One thing to consider is the size of the generator needed to run the appliances in your home. This chart shows the type of electronics that can be used about the generator size.

Generator Size In Watts

Types Of Electronics Used

3,500 watts Small air conditioner, fan, light bulbs, toaster, microwaves, color television, small refrigerator
7,000 watts Air compressor, grinders, saws, electric range, washing machine, small to mid-sized air conditioner
10,000 watts Clothes dryer, electric water heater, large central air conditioner


What is a generator used for?

As we’ve stated earlier, they are used as back up electricity. This means that having a reliable portable generator will give you electricity even during power outages. So make sure to have one in your home to ensure that you and your family can stay safe during an emergency.



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