Honda Portable Generator Review

Honda Portable Generator Review

Power outages occur in the most unexpected moments. During times like this, a portable generator helps by providing an alternative source of energy for your appliances. They have enough operating power to keep everything running as if nothing happened.

Today, we're discussing the Honda Portable Generator. We will speak on the pros and cons associated with the product. Our main goal is to help your find a portable generator who's strong enough to keep your house fully powered in the event an emergency arises.

About The Honda Portable Generator

Technical Specs

  • Recoil Starting System
  • 59dB Noise Level
  • 1000W Base Power
  • 2000W Maximum Power
  • Versatile
Honda EU2000i Review



The Honda Portable Generator offers performance and power that's unsurpassed by the competition. Also, this machine has a base power of 1600W with a peak of 2000W. Get this portable generator if you want something durable enough to last for the long term.

One thing that we've noticed about this product is its 98.5cc engine. Why is this important? It gives the Honda more storage capacity and enough power to handle loads without having problems. You'll like this product if you want an engine that can handle multiple appliances simultaneously.

The gas tank is located at the top of the generator. Honda designed it this way to make it easier for users to refill their gas. It also comes with a reservoir that ensures that the fuel doesn't run down to the side of the generator. Thus, the generator is constructed for easy use and takes only a few minutes getting acquainted with it.

EU2000i Lightweight Construction


Also, the generator weighs at about 45lbs. This makes it easier to maneuver and transport throughout your household. Shoppers like this product because it's lightweight and the wheels help them move the generator to their desired location.

Another thing shoppers liked is the machine's fuel capacity. It has enough storage for a gallon of gas. This means that it has a run time of 3.4 hours at its maximum settings. Also, you can switch to it's "Eco-Throttle" setting which extends its time to 8 hours. This is a great generator to have if you want something that's long lasting even after the power breaks down.

Shoppers across the board complained about the machine's noise level. When in operation, it sounds at least twice as loud as advertised. Make sure to place this generator in a quiet area to prevent it from being a distraction.

The Honda Portable Generator is a trustworthy and reliable generator. It has enough power to keep your house running properly even during a blackout. If you want a proficient emergency generator, then you should look into this product.

Buying Advice

We designed this section to answer any further questions you have about portable generators. To become a more confident buyer, we suggest reading the buying advice section to learn anything else we've forgotten during the review.

Safety Tips

After you've bought your first portable generator, you need to know how to use it effectively. Beginners often make the mistake of not treating their generator properly; which could lead to the generator malfunctioning or not working if you're not careful.

You'll want to make sure that your generator is running in a well-ventilated area. Keep it away from garages and other indoor areas to ensure that it works correctly.

Don't over fuel that generator's gas tank. Having too much fuel can cause for the machine to overheat or cause a fire. As a rule of thumb, you always want to allow room for fuel expansion. Doing this ensures that your generator will work without losing oil or power in the process.

eu2000i camping


Most of your generator's parts can become extremely hot while in use. When you're done using it, give it an ample amount of time to cool it off. This prevents the machine's high heat settings from burning you in the process.

Disconnect the spark plug wire when the machine is not in use. Set the wire in a location where the plug won't turn on the machine by accident when you're transporting, making repairs, or adjusting the generator.

Make sure that your generator is grounded. You run the risk of electrocution if your machine is not grounded. Check to see if your generator is in compliance with federal and local laws about grounding.

What Are The Main Types Of Generators

Attached below are the different types of power generators available:

Generator Type



Home Stationary Generators

Provides enough power for HVAC systems and other home appliances

Standby power for your home.

Portable Generators

Used to power nails, drills, air compressors, saws, and other power tools.

Used to provide portable power for job sites and other pieces of outdoor equipment.

Inverter Generators

Powers smartphones, heaters, fans, and radios.

Mainly used for tailgating, boating, and camping

Do I Need a Transfer Switch?

The short answer is yes.

Having a transfer switch makes it easier for your generator to remain organized. A transfer switch links your portable generator to the circuit panel with a single piece of cable. Not buying one can cause for you appliances to damage the generator and cause harm to other people.

We suggest getting a professional to install the transfer switch. With stationary generators, the transfer switch turns on instantly. For portable generators, you can connect to the transfer switch and turn it on manually.


The Honda Portable Generator is one of the best portable generators in the market. It has enough power to keep your appliances running for at least 8 hours. If you want a generator from a reputable brand, then this is the right generator for you.

eu2000i on a camping trip


As of now, the Honda Portable Generator is priced just under $1000. While it may seem expensive, you get a high quality and fully functional generator whose performance matches the price. Ultimately, you should buy this generator to ensure that you and your family remain safe during the next power outage.

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