DuroMax Portable Generator Review

DuroMax Portable Generator Review

We want to help you find the right portable power generator. There are some that are too expensive and don't have the features that you exactly need. Fortunately, there are a few generators on the market that deliver results.

The DuroMax Portable Generator is an example of this. It has enough energy to keep your home running for at least 20 hours. As we go on through this review, we'll give you the rundown on everything you need to know about this device.

We will discuss the pros and cons of this device. Also, we've created a buyer's advice section to get additional information before buying the product. By the end, you'll be confident enough to make the right purchase.

About The DuroMax Portable Generator

Technical Specs

  • Quiet Noise Level
  • EPA Approved
  • ​7 Horsepower
  • ​Easy to Use
  • 3,000 Watts of Power
DuroMax Dual Fuel Review


Meet the DuroMax Portable Generator. It consists of over 3,000 watts of power, which can be used to light up small areas in your home. You'll like this product if you want a portable generator that offers quick and efficient power within a manner of seconds.

One thing consumers like is the product's low noise level. Generators from competing devices tend to emit sounds at 90 dB (decibels). The DuroMax Portable Generator has a sound rating of 68 dB which is no louder than a normal conversation.

The device's start type is easy to read and utilize. For instance, it has a key start set up which allows you to turn on the machine quickly. Also, there's a pull start mechanism as a backup starter in case the previous start system fails. This allows you to have a quick source of energy if an emergency occurs.

Plus, consumers like the device's versatility. DuroMax is a dual fuel generator that accepts both propane and gas. Propane has a better burn quality and can be stored to last for a long time. Gas is cheaper and is useful to have in the event of a power outage.

Duromax can run for a total up to 20 hours with propane gas. At a 50% 4-gallon tank, the generator can run for a max up to 8 hours. The generator is useful for those needing a tank to last for extended periods.

DuroMax Dual Fuel Review

When it comes to size, consumers like the DuroMax Power Generator. The generator's dimensions are 23 x 17 x 17, meaning that it's small enough to be stored somewhere after use. Although the machine is 140 pounds, the wheels are designed to make it easy to transport around your home.

The DuroMax is priced at around $500. This is a great deal considering the amount of power and features this product has. Especially since the generator also accepts propane as a source of energy. It's an affordable portable generator which delivers out high amounts of power when in use.

However, a few rare reports are discussing the product's main flaw. Some consumers noted that the generator's battery was faulty and stopped working after the first few weeks of usage. Get a replacement generator if this problem ever occurs to you.

We believe that the DuroMax Portable Generator is great if you're looking for your first one. It has enough power to last for almost a day and gives off a sound that's not too loud. Buy this product if you need a quick and efficient generator that delivers the best results.

Buying Advice

We invite you to take a quick look at the buying advice section. In it, we discuss certain aspects you need to look for when getting your first portable generator. You'll find the information helpful and will make your buying process a lot easier once you follow the advice found in this guide.

Can I Use A Portable Generator As Backup During a Power Outage?

Most beginners make a misconception about this. You can use a portable generator during power outages, but there are a few things to keep in mind. Don't plug in all of your electrical appliances simultaneously when using a portable generator. You'll end up wasting power and energy.

Hire a professional electrician, if you want a portable generator to be connected to your home's wiring system. They will setup and install a manual power transfer switch that works with the electrical codes in your home.

What's The Difference Between Stationary And Portable Generators?

Stationary generators are the more traditional form of energy. They offer more power than portable generators and start as soon as the power cuts off. But, they are more expensive and need professional installation for it to work properly.

Portable generators are mobile, yet effective generators that can be used anywhere in your household. These machines are less expensive but offer mobility and speed. Since they are cheaper than stationary generators, it's more likely to see portable generators in small homes.

Knowing the difference is useful when deciding how much energy your household needs. If you need a replacement generator, then a stationary generator is a good bet. But, we recommend getting a portable generator since it's cheap and will provide a sufficient amount of energy if your power shuts off.

Do Portable Generators Have To Be Grounded?

Yes. Keeping your generator grounded is a safety method that prevents injuries and damage in the long run. You run the risk of being electrocuted if your generator isn't grounded. Make sure to follow the federal, and local regulations that relate to grounding.


We believe that the DuroMax Portable Generator is important to have in your household. With over 3,000 watts of power, it has enough energy to keep a small room working. You should get this if you need a simple generator that gets the job done.

DuroMax Dual Fuel Review

You need a portable generator that performs past your expectations. The DuroMax Portable Generator does that and more. Conclusively, buy this generator to have a backup source of power in the event an emergency arises.

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